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Vision Statement

M.D. Ambulance strives to be the outstanding E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Services) leader providing quality prehospital care.

In partnership with our Board and our community, we educate and offer preventative services to reduce injury and promote wellness.

Mission Statement

M.D. Ambulance provides a high level of prehospital Emergency Medical Services and transport in the most cost-effective manner.

We do this by: training and educating our staff members and the public, while maintaining high performance standards and professional conduct.

To fully understand the evolution of M.D. Ambulance you have to travel back to 1957. Blaine Lake a town in rural Saskatchewan was the setting for a car accident that involved two children, these two children’s father, Mike Dutchak got his station wagon and drove Wayne and Barbara to Saskatoon for medical attention. Mike realized the need for ambulance services for his community and within a few months, he started Blaine Lake Ambulance.

The service has always been a family affair. In 1971 Wayne joined, a few years later the service expanded and Spiritwood Ambulance was formed, management was turned over to George Beaulac and in 1974 Wayne moved to Prince Albert to join his brother Barry in forming Parkland Ambulance.

The year 1975 Rosthern Ambulance was formed a year later it was closed due to the call volume. Years later, over this time the community and district had grown, the service came back on line. the year was 1986 and Wally Dutchak, a nephew, took up the challenge of managing the service and in the last year expanded to include North Battleford.

M.D. Ambulance Care Ltd. started its service to Saskatoon and district in 1976, at this time there was a competing service in the city. The service started with one ambulance serving the local horse race track, a service we still supply to this day. 1978 saw M.D. doing calls with in the city and in 1979 was able to buy out the competing service. In 1980 an ambulance board was set up to represent Saskatoon and govern ambulance service in the city. Over the coming years MD Ambulance has been a leader in EMS and Communications in Saskatchewan and Canada.

Our ability to grow and be a leader in Emergency Medical Services is due to dynamic partnerships and outstanding community support.