Human Resources - Career Opportunities

Hiring at M.D. Ambulance is done based on operational need, primarily through expansion and on rare occasions through attrition. Due to this fact, we can never predict when the next hiring competition will take place. We accept resumes year round and retain them on file until the next competition is scheduled. At that time, selected applicants will be contacted and invited to take part in the hiring competition.

In order to ensure that M.D. Ambulance hires only the best possible candidates, applicants are put through a rigorous recruiting process. The process of selecting new employees consists of several filters:

Step 1: Resume Review

First there is a review of applications and resumes looking for education, field experience and current licensing to practice in Saskatchewan. Please include the following with your resume/application:

  • SK EMT, EMT-A ,EMT-P certification or eligibility
  • Criminal record check
  • Current CPR “C”
  • BTLS certification
  • Drivers abstract
  • Photocopy of class “4” license
  • Medical consent form for Kinetik testing.signed by Doctor
  • 3 letters of reference with one from a former employer

Step 2: Written Examination

The second filter is a written multiple-choice exam:

  • 200 questions
  • 2 1/2 hr time limit
  • 80% required at level of certification (Pass/Fail)
  • Overall mark identifies any advanced experience
  • Pass required to move on to scenario testing.

Those that pass the written exam will be asked to carry on with the physical screening process.

Step 3: Physical Fitness

The third filter, Physical screening, is done through Kinetik Rehab at Saskatoon City Hospital. A certificate of completion from Kinetik is required to continue with the rest of the process. Costs associated with this screen ($100.00) are the responsibility of the applicant and payable to Kinetic Rehab. You must have your medical consent form completed by your physician prior to taking this test.

Click here to learn more about the Kinetik test

Step 4: Scenarios

The fourth filter is a selection of scenarios/skills stations designed to look at patient assessment and management skills, as well as interpersonal communication and documentation. Scenarios are not pass/fail. Following the scenarios, selected applicants will be contacted to continue in the process.

Final Step: Interview

The final filter is a structured targeted-selection interview designed to predict future behavior based on the individual's past behavior in situations. Those selected for positions will begin orientation. Orientation is approximately one month full time.