Saskatoon Health Region in collaboration with M.D. Ambulance would like to introduce you to the community paramedic in long term care. The goal of this pilot program is to provide optimal care for residents within their own home and to decrease emergency room visits.

stetoscopeHow does the program work?
  • Consultation between the nurse, family physician, resident and the family will determine whether the resident is a candidate for the community paramedic program
  • If deemed appropriate, a community paramedic will be requested to come and aid further treatment as per the established care plan decided by the stakeholders above
What is the community paramedics’ role?
  • After the initial assessment, collaborate with the most responsible practitioner and nurse
  • If deemed appropriate, the community paramedic will initiate the plan of care and begin treatment in the home
  • If it is established that the resident requires a higher level of care, then the community paramedic can arrange for immediate transport to the proper facility
  • If non-emergent transport is indicated, the community paramedic can act as a facilitator between the family physician and designated service to arrange a coordinated transfer to minimize wait times and delays
What services can we provide in partnership with the long term care team?
  • Pain management
  • Cardiac monitoring including 12 lead acquisition and interpretation
  • Diagnostic collections including phlebotomy, blood cultures, urinalysis
  • Intravenous therapy including cannulation, fluid therapy and medications
  • Respiratory treatment including nebulization and oxygen therapy